Devices (Conventional)


Smoke Detectors

Installation Ease. Intelligence. Instant Inspection. These are the guiding principles of System Sensor’s i3 Series photoelectric smoke detectors. Designed to take conventional smoke detectors to a new level, these principles translate directly into significantly lower installation, testing, and maintenance costs.

Heat Detectors

Set to alarm when ambient temperatures reach a fixed point, typically indicating a fire, fixed-temperature heat detectors are a highly cost-effective solution for many property protection applications. If rapid response to fire is vital, rate-of-rise heat detectors are an ideal solution where rapid temperature increases would only be caused by a fire emergency. Combination heat detectors provide both fixed and rate-of-rise detection. This enables the heat detector to communicate an alarm to the central control panel prior to reaching its fixed set point for high rates of rise, providing a timely response to both rapid and slow temperature increases


Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detectors

The system-connected CO1224T and CO1224TR CO detectors with RealTest® provide early warning of dangerous CO buildup by using electrochemical sensing technology to measure CO levels in the air. If a dangerous amount of CO is detected, then the CO1224T / CO1224TR will alert residents by sounding and flashing a Temp-4 signal alarm. Protection is guaranteed 24/7 by a central station, regardless of whether residents are away from home, sleeping, or already suffering from the effects of CO.​

CO/Smoke Detectors

The i4 Series Combination CO/Smoke Detector and Interface Module is the first system-connected, combination solution for conventional fire and security systems. That means less wire, less labor, and less devices on the wall or ceiling. And with 24/7 central station monitoring and the most reliable and accurate sensing technologies, it means the highest levels of protection available.


Beam Smoke Detectors

System Sensor offers four-wire reflected beam smoke detectors that are uniquely suited for protecting open areas with high ceilings where other methods of smoke detection are difficult to install and maintain.

Duct Smoke Detectors

InnovairFlex™ duct smoke detectors combine an impressive collection of innovations designed to save you time and money and provide the flexibility you need in the field. An adjustable housing overcomes mounting constraints. Plug-in, tool-free sampling tubes speed installation. The front cover test/reset button simplifies test/maintenance. With these features and many more, InnovairFlex is reshaping duct smoke detection

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Fire Sprinkler Monitoring

System Sensor sprinkler monitoring devices provide the peace of mind property owners need. These products can expertly monitor fire sprinkler systems and control valves to enable personnel to respond quickly to changes in fire sprinkler system status. Waterflow detectors monitor the flow of water to sprinkler heads. Supervisory switches help prevent tampering or incorrect setting of valve controls. Pressure switches indicate a discharge from a sprinkler. All three also come in explosion-proof versions for hazardous environments. ​


System Sensor multi-voltage conventional relays are used for high-current switching applications, such as fan and damper assembly control, door control, air handling unit controls, and other types of building system interfacing.

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Single and Dual Action Conventional Pull Stations

The PS-DA/PS-SA Pull Stations are non-coded manual pull stations which provide a Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) with a single alarm initiating input signal. The PS-DA/PS-SA pull stations includes both single-action and dual-action models equipped with key lock / reset. It was designed to meet multiple applications with the installer and end-user in mind. Its innovative design, durable construction, and multiple mounting options make the PS-DA and PS-SA simple to install, maintain, and operate.

Die Cast Metal Manual Pull Stations

Silent Knight’s new line of manual pull stations feature high-quality, die cast metal construction. They are available in either single or dual action configurations with SPST switch, and with wire lead or terminal strip connections. The normally open contact, which closes when the pull station is activated, is rated for 1 amp, at 125VAC, or 3OVDC. The contacts are gold-plated to avoid risk of corrosion. All models in the series have been tested by UL for compliance to the latest requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

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5230 LCD Remote Annunciator

The Model 5230 Remote Alphanumeric Annunciator can be used to program models 5104, 5204, 5207 and C6000 controls. Programming options include telephone numbers, reporting format, account number, loop response times (electronic retard), test time, output activation, and user and installer codes. System programming is stored in a non-volatile EEPROM chip which is re-programmable hundreds of times. Each control features a quick-connect plug that allows temporary connection of the annunciator for programming.

5235 Remote Annunciator for 5208

The SK-5235 remote annunciator provides remote annunciation for the SK-5208 Fire Alarm Control Panel. The SK-5235 performs all system operations. It also provides trouble and alarm information and can be used for programming. The SK-5208 can support up to six 5235 Remote Annunciators.

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5217 10-Zone Expander for 5208

The SK-5217 provides the SK-5208 with ten additional Class B (style B) zones. The SK-5217 can be installed in the SK-5208 control cabinet or remotely (up to 1500 ft.) in a SK-2190 accessory cabinet. The SK-5217 communicates to the SK-5208 control panel via a 4-wire connection to the SBUS.

5280 Status Display Module for 5208

The SK-5280 status display module provides outputs and control functions for remote annunciation of alarm, trouble, and supervisories for each zone.