Get The Latest Technology To Protect Your Home Backed Up By 24/7 Monitoring

Protect and Monitor Your Home From Your Phone

Whether you’re inside or outside your home, you’re always in control with the Alarm.com mobile app. Stay on top of your home security with real-time alerts to monitor potential threats and act quickly. You may also add smart locks and other security devices to stay in control with the ability to allow or deny access to others into your home remotely.

Mix and Match Services to Fit Your Security Needs

Get Alerts for Potential Intrusions with Door and Window Access Sensors


At Xtreme Security we offer different layers of security for all your needs. Every home is different and therefore we offer sensors for as many entry points your home has whethere that is a door or a window. Our regular sensors only detect if a door or window has been opened but don’t detect if a glass panel has been broken in order to gain entry. For this we offer glass break sensors that alert in case a glass pane has been compromised. Even if these don’t get triggered, motion sensors will go off with even the slightest disturbance.

Discover more products from the best brands in the security industry


Xtreme Security & Fire offers alarm panels with different features including smart device connectivity. Join your existing Google Nest or Amazon Alexa devices together and control your lights, thermostat, water valves, and more from your alarm panel or app. We offer solutions from some of the best brands in the industry including Qolsys and Honeywell.

24/7 Monitoring Starts at Only $19.99!

Xtreme Security & Fire offers the best plans in Texas to keep your home safe and sound. Call us today to learn how we can give you the best services to fit all your security needs.

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