Frequently Asked Questions


Can you provide service to my existing devices?

Yes, we offer legacy support for many devices but only guarantee customer satisfaction on our products. Please contact us in order to find out if your devices are compatible with our monitoring system.

How long does it take to install a system?

The goal is to have your system up and running in 48 hours (around 4 hrs for installation) for home and personal.  For any commercial application, time will vary.

Do I need an internet connection to obtain service?

No, internet service is completely optional although having it will give you more control over your system.

Can I cancel my service if I’m not satisfied?

Yes, you have 72 hrs to cancel after your system is connected. If you cancel after this period,  you will be subject to a penalty fee stated in your contract.

Do you charge for false alarms?

We do not charge for false alarms, but the city might. Contact your local offices to find out more.

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